Facebook Link-ads, A/B testing results
A/B testing should not include huge variation in style and communication, but instead test more subtle differences. Changing the composition of objects, the highlight of copy, the background color etc. can help derive results that show the Target-Group's preferences. The “winning” compositions can then be tested agains each other, which refines the communication further. 

The two ads below are the "winners" from earlier A/B tested campaigns

Facebook Link-Ads
New campaign: Take the learnings from previous campaigns, and test further.

The composition of both text and product graphics, can be recognised from the previous campaign. 
For the new campaign the background becomes object for testing, using new geometric shapes.
For the 25% off ads (lowest row), seasonal specific objects, in this case stylised fireworks, due to New Years celebrations are added.
To conclude
Through continuous A/B testing, and optimisation of campaign visuals, Vifit Sport were able to increase engagement rate with their Facebook ads for each new iteration. Future success on Facebook can be ensured by continuing to test campaign visuals and improve, based on data.
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