Hi, Elias here

I pride myself of my hands-on skills within: 

- Advertisement

- Motion Graphics and video editing

- UX/UI and Digital Design

- Audio Editing and Sound Design

- Concept Development

I have a solid foundation of experience from various creative fields and work places, such as: Game Studios, Digital Advertisement (Agency), and in-house Brand Development.
I am currently working within the fields of UX/UI, Content Creation and Motion Design with a focus on digital marketing and advertisement.

My daily work tools are: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects Figma and Unity game engine.

In 2017 I graduated with a degree in Digital Concept Development, - an education where we worked solely with real clients and real cases, using our skills to create great digital services and experiences.

I previously hold a degree within Multimedia Design and Communication, where my interest for Motion-Graphics and creative digital solutions started.
Digital Designer - Leapwork

Leading the development of Leapworks new visual identity and overall visual branding
- Brand Design - general design direction
- Video, Audio and Motion Graphics - storyboarding, animation and editing
- UX/UI research and design for web and software
- Concept Development
- SoMe content creation and planning
- Hubspot CMS with HTML/CSS/Javascript implementation
Motion Designer - Freelance - Various clients

Cadpeople, 2018 September and December
Conducted a total of 3 weeks full-time, on location, freelance animation work for Cadpeople in Aarhus (Denmark). Cadpeople deliver marketing, e-learning and visualisation solutions for some of Europes largest organisations.
My role:
Together with their art-directors I produced a mixed 3D/2D animation production for two of Denmarks, and Europe's largest tech producers, using Cinema 4D, After Effects and Premiere Pro. I furthermore edited and produced sound design elements for the video production.
Step in Books, 2018 September-november: 
Freelance animator for Step in Books, Copenhagen. Step in Books creates interactive digital children's books, through AR, VR and games. 
My role: 
As a freelance animator I produced animations, video production and sound design for various projects, working together with game developers and talented illustrators. Tasks ranged from UX/UI tasks, work inside the Unity 3D game engine, to promotional motion design tasks, and game design.

Digital & UX Designer - Fantastic, Yes - Freelance Project-Employment
Project-employment at Fantastic, Yes - a Copenhagen based Game Studio. My task was to help them create and lay the future path for their web, advertisement and video content.

Job tasks:
- Video/Audio/Motion Graphics Production - producing and setting the direction for release trailers, teasers and Appstore content

- Creation of in-game cutscenes using the Unity Game Engine (Timeline + Cinemachine) - Cinematic sequences seen during gameplay as rewards and gratification

- Digital and SoMe advertisement - content production, concepting and planning

- UI/UX Design and implementation of a new web-portal for their next game release
Digital Designer - Pervorm (Advertisement/Marketing Agency)
Responsible for creating high quality design and motion graphics for Social Media and Display. Furthermore responsible for the concept-phase and art direction of several projects, from initial concept-sketching to finished, produced campaign material.

Job tasks:

- Interactive camera filters in FB AR-Studio
- Lead, link, carousel, canvas ads, in-messenger ads, chat bots

- Interactive camera filters in Snapchat Lens Studio

- Engaging video stories

- bumper ads and banners

- sponsored posts

- Responsible for content creation from earliest concept sketch to finished, delivered design
- Design for multi platform campaigns
- Web banners
- E-Commerce platform design
- EDM's
- Video and audio editing
- Motion Graphics/Animations
- Sound Design
- Digital concept sketches
- Presentations
- UX/UI design and layout of digital tools​​​​​​​
Digital & Motion Designer - Siteimprove (Software Company)
- Graphic design and video animation for use across various platforms and media, including SoMe and digital products.

- Research, concepting and UX/UI design of a lead capturing app, used by the sales team at events

- Design and visual style for internal, online-forums

- Design of event banners, CSR reports, posters, business cards, letters, documents and advertisement material for use on various marketing campaigns.​​​​​​​
Digital Designer - Danmarks Radio (DR) - Internship
2015 (feb-april)
As part of my Multimedia Design and Communication education at Copenhagen School for Design and Technology (KEA), I conducted a three months internship at Danmarks Radio. 
My position was as a graphic and motion designer under the Marketing and Social Media departement. 
- Graphic Design and Animation for SoMe campaigns
- Animation for use in DR's TV promotion material
- Editing of video and audio material for use on SoMe and TV
- Creation of original audio material for use in promotion
- Graphic Design of manuals and print material

- Conceptualisation and research for an internal way-finding app for use in "DR-byen"
Graphic Designer - Beyond Unltd (Design Agency) - Internship
2013 (jan-jun)
Along side with Multimedia Design and Communication studies I spent half a year as a student assistant at the web development and graphic design bureau Beyond Unlimited. My work tasks included creation of visual identities and logo design for the companies many start-up collaborations, as well as various ad-hoc graphic design tasks, assistant at photoshoots and research work.​​​​​​​
Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA)
Digital Concept Development
Digital Concept Development (BA) at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, focuses on teaching the students how to create high-end, digital and technical solutions for companies within various fields. The education only work with real "clients", meaning real companies who present real problems that they are experiencing that the students creates solution for.

Key words are:
Technology, IoT, Beacons, NFC, Location based Marketing, Marketing strategies, business plan, Content Marketing, Social Media, Big Data, trends, Communication, E-Commerce, Design, Visualization, Digitalization, Project Management etc.

I graduated in 2017.
Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA)
Multimedia Design & Communication
Multimedia Design and Communication at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, is a broad education focusing on modern, visual and written communication methods. The education is set to give the student a broad understanding of the digital market, teaching subjects within the fields of: Communication, Organization, Interaction and Design. The education gives a good understanding of both fornt-end and back-end web coding such as HTML, CSS, Javascript/Jquery and PHP. Furthermore it focuses on visual design as a means of communication, working with visual identities and design of logos and websites. Theoretical fields within marketing and communication is also applied focusing on creation of concepts and campaigns for both real and fictional businesses.

I know it:
Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Media Encoder

Sketch, Adobe XD

Cinema 4D
Facebook AR-Studio

Unity 3D (Cinemachine+Timeline)

Logic Pro X
Ableton Live
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