Dive into the motion-graphics-mayham that is my 2018 showreel, featuring everything from advertisement-cases and marketing material to miscellaneous pieces from my private collection.

Below are some of the videos in their full length.

Two of my bigger animation projects that are featured in the reel can be found here:

Yomost IcedTrex: ad leading to Facebook messenger chat-bot (different ads displayed dependant on time of day and current degrees of heat in Vietnam to increase impact)

Friso Mid-Autumn Celebrations: a FB post focusing on one of Asia's biggest hollidays; the mid-autumn celebrations. The recognisable Friso tins have been turned into festive mid-autumn-style lanterns

Vifit Netherlands: a Facebook post promoting a special deal that could be purchased specifically at "Kiosk", a brand of convenience stores, situated at most train stations in the Netherlands

Friso Vietnam: Facebook in-messenger ad leading to a Friso chat-bot with the possibility to ask questions and purchase the products

Private project: exploration in After Effects with 3D objects and liquid distortion

Private project: integration of a Cinema 4d, 3D-scene into After Effects, with overlay 2D animations. Sound Design by me

Private project: creating a rich animation witH 3D-feel, using 2D-settings and camera movement in After Effects

Private project: Cinema 4D rendered scene, using 3D-physics (collision and impact)

Private project: 3D scene rendered in Cinema 4D, experimenting with hair-physics and impact

More cases from the portfolio

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