Campaign one

Are you a professional who only settles for the best? Do you like timeless design, cutting edge features?
Well, then this computer is for you. The carousel format presents one simple message per frame, showing the many different ways you can set up your computer.

Directly below: Facebook Link ad: "Discover the new HP Spectre x360"
Further down: The carousel ads, from left to right:
1. "Discover the new HP Spectre x360"
2. "Seductive and powerful in every position"
3. "360 degrees pure sensation, now with 4k display"

4. CTA: "Discover it yourself"
Campaign two

Are you a playful, creative, always on-the-go type of person? Do want an easy, smart tool to get your ideas down “on paper”? With the Spectre x360 and it’s smart, sensitive pen, you can create anywhere, anytime. Don’t hold back on your creativity.

No need to clutter the ads with text, the examples speak for themselves. Simple, easy, smart.

Directly below: Facebook Link ad: "Powerful laptop. write on. Start fast, finish first"
Further down: The carousel ads, from left to right.
To conclude
By dividing the campaign in two, focusing on different messages, HP was able to communicate with larger impact. Utilising the Facebook carousel format, each message was given its own space to communicate, building up a convincing story, one frame at a time, leading potential customers from start to finish, with higher chance of click out.
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