Shortly About Designing for APAC:
Advertisement visuals in APAC differ a lot from the Scandinavian minimalism that we are used to.
When viewing my APAC cases, please keep in mind that Asian Graphic Design is often:

- with unusually bright colours and with great contrast
- effect heavy, with shadows, glares and light-reflections
- not as politically correct as in Scandinavia
- text-heavy

It is always an interesting challenge to adapt to a different style than your own.
Wifi Log-in ads
"S-WiFi" is Vietnams most popular "free" WiFi, that can be accessed throughout the country. WiFi ads are advertisement messages that show up, when logging in successfully to S-WiFi. The ads offer a direct click-out to a Friso controlled Landing Page. 
Get their attention: Facebook Link-ad and third Party Display ads
Just as outgoing and beautiful as Frisomum’s new identity and package design is, you,
the mother-to be, can feel while being pregnant.

Third Party Display Ads
Static ads and GIF-ads are displayed on several popular Vietnamese sites.
The ads provide a direct click-out to a Friso Landing Page, with opportunities for conversions.
Engage with the target group: Facebook Link-ad
Encouraging messages towards the mum-to-be, or newly become mum:
Why shouldn’t you be able to go out training or meet your friends?
Conversion Phase: In-Messenger + Link-ad
Why not try Frisomum yourself? Free samples and the possibility to chat directly with Frisomum represssentatives ensure conversions.
"In-Messenger" Facebook ad
By utilisig an  in-messenger ad, customers were able to go directly from advertisement message, shown in their timeline to the Facebook Messenger function. From here a chat-bot directly presented the possibility to shop or to chat and ask further questions of interest. This ensures extremely easy and efficient conversions.
To conclude
The campaign was successfully executed in steps, presenting Frisomum’s new, sleek identity through different phases; starting with awareness and ending with direct CTA click-outs, driving more traffic to Frisomum’s landing pages and with increased sales.
Thanks for reading!
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