Short Note About Designing for APAC:
Advertisement visuals in APAC differ a lot from the Scandinavian minimalism that we are used to.
When viewing my APAC cases, please keep in mind that Asian Graphic Design is often:

- with unusually bright colours and with great contrast
- effect heavy, with shadows, glares and light-reflections
- not as politically correct as in Scandinavia
- text-heavy

It is always an interesting challenge to adapt to a different style than your own.
Get their attention 
Rich Display Banners, are excellent tools with which you can get the attention of a prospects on Third-Party sites. These ads were displayed on multiple popular Vietnamese websites, offering a direct CTA leading to a Friso controlled landing page. A full kit was produced to fit multiple ad formats. The ads were animated with Javascript by Tom Geurts (Digital Designer), based on my design.
Engagement phase Link-Ads
Using Facebook advertisement and posts to connect with new and existing customers.
The main message of the campaign: “Don’t miss your chance to collect all your precious memories”.
Engagement phase Canvas
A rich and engaging Facebook Canvas was created that let’s the target group engage in-depth with the offerings of Friso's memory collection kit. By tilting, scrolling and swiping the Canvas interacts with the user.

Below: the link-ad leading to the Canvas when clicked.
Animated Canvas Frame Using After Effects (Particle World)
The interactive Canvas
Original Concept By concepter Léon van Hooijdonk
Engagement Phase Facebook Carousel
Conversion Phase: Sponsored Instagram Story
The power of using Instagram's "Stories" function, is that the ad is seamlessly integrated into the viewers storyline, which make the transition from actual story to advertisement less noticeable. The video edit, which was story-boarded by me, shows memorable moments in a child’s development, that will be valuable for parents to save. The animation and editing from the storyboards were conducted by Digital Designer Tom Geurts.

The Instagram ends with a direct click-out option, that aims at driving conversions.
The Instagram Story animation with sound
Conversion Phase "In-Messenger ad"
In-Messenger ads, are ads that lead directly from the timeline to Facebook Messenger. Here a chat-bot greets the prospect with a message and the possibility to chat and get additional information, or to directly click-out to a Friso Vietnam Landing Page.
The Physical Memory-Box
I was commissioned to create the design for the actual Memory Box, both the outside print, as well as the containers within, a rare opportunity, as Pervorm usually only create digital content. 

The box was required to be able to hold precious items that the Vietnamese mothers found fit, as well as to of course contain a Friso Tin. 
Early 3D sketches of the Memory-Box.
Software used: Cinema 4D
3D visualisation of the early concept that was sent to client
The Finished Product
Gold, "ribbon'ed" and shiny.
The finalised product ended up taking a step away from our initially suggested minimalistic style, to a more effect-heavy one. The outside texture of the box is in a shiny gold-resembling material, and icons and details are in brown and orange nuances.
To conclude
Friso’s Reward Marketing campaign was one of the bigger and more time consuming projects that I was a part of, working with the Pervorm team. Through strategical publication of ads; starting with gaining the prospects interest, using various forms of media (canvas, carousels, static, motion, display etc.) and ending with more aggressive and direct sales messages offering CTA’s, Friso successfully increased their number of sign-up’s to their digital memory collection. The campaign thus built loyal customers that continued to use Friso as the main nutrition supplement for their children.
Thanks for Reading

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