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"Vague Intentions" EP
Explorative, different and forward-thinking - bending the concept of what modern techno can do. 
Up-and-coming live act and techno artist Borenstein releases a, to say the least, frisky, first EP, “Vague Intentions”, with Petite Victory Collective that pushes towards the higher bpm’s (140-150 bpm), with a truly unique take on what modern techno can sound like. 
Borenstein makes elements appear, disappear and reappear in a constantly dynamic sound exploration that is meticulous to detail and truly keeps the listener on edge. Several tracks on the EP have gained early support and positive feedback from artists such as Anastasia Kristensen and SPFDJ, where the latter said how much she enjoyed how “unpredictable” the tracks were. 
The EP was crafted within the confinements of a hybrid hardware and software setup, providing a delicate mix between analog richness and, at times, unpredictability with the more refined finish of digital production methods. Borenstein has become a dedicated hardware collector and likes to record long sessions from which he then cuts and rearranges elements to create detailed compositions. With a solid 10 year background of music production, he masterfully mixes an ocean of sounds together, without, at any time, overwhelming the listener or the audio spectre.
About Borenstein
Originally from Sweden, Borenstein is now based out of Copenhagen with its flourishing techno scene. Primarily a live artist, he performs with a compact hardware-only setup and is gaining attention for his dynamic sounding performances that provide a fresh new take on techno. Amongst other locations, Borenstein has lately played live-set gigs at Pumpehuset, Rust and Depot CPH. 
Joining the Petite Victory Collective family and its focus on quality hardware based productions and performances is an important milestone for Borenstein, who’s looking forward to a lot of great future collaborations with like minded artists. Borenstein is in the line-up of several live-set artists for Petite Victory Collective's mini festival, taking place at Urban 13 in November 22. 
“Vague Intentions” is an EP that, contrary to its title, has very clear intentions: to bring fast and hard hitting techno with a truly unique sound to the scene.
This EP is a breath of fresh air for anyone looking for fast, innovative and unconventional techno that bends the concept of the genre. Be sure to see more and more of Borenstein in the near future.
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Vague Intentions, EP cover - Borenstein
Comments on selected tracks
“Vague Intentions”, the title track of the EP, provides a continuous shift in its rhythmic expression as it goes back and forth between classic four-on-the-floor and more breakbeat’esuqe styles. The track almost gives a feeling of several unique tracks in one, taking you on an constantly evolving musical journey. 
“Hasty Decisions” dives into a deep, dark and ever-changing sound that is directly cut for the floor. The track has gained early support, in its unreleased state, by artists like Anastasia Kristensen, who has played it in her sets.
“Presumptuous Behaviour'' leaves the listeners heart pumping fast. The track gained positive feedback (and a cheeky pre-release download) from SPFDJ, who said that she loved that it was so “unpredictable”. 
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